Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 4, 2015

Payees (An Indian Desert)


Payees (An Indian Desert) Indians are all time a food lover’s nation. They have uncountable delicious dishes to add to different look to their daily menu. In their menu, you can found rich food like Biriyani, polao, various meat items etc. but after taking main course, many types of desert or sweet dishes will be appeared before you to enrich your lunch or dinner menu. It may be Payees, Jarda, Firni, lacchi, various sweets etc. Let’s see the recipe of cooking delicious Indian Payees. Ingredients
  1. Basmati rice 2 cup
  2. 2 liter of liquid milk.
  3. Sugar or molasses.
  4. Water 1-cup
  5. Almonds and other dry fruits.
  6. Jafran (nice smelled colorful herbs)
  7. Kessar ( nice smelled herbs)
  8. Rose water 1 spoon.
Steps: At first wash the rice very well with the help of a soft cloth. That will help to wash the rice but won’t reduce the nitrous element as well the nice smell of the rice. Payees (An Indian Desert) 1 Then take a bowl in to warm the milk with high heat. But notice carefully that the milk may be poured down of the pot or get burned. When the 2 liter milk turned into 1 liter, reduce the heat and add 1 cup sugar in it. You can also add same amount of molasses if you don’t want to add sugar. If you add sugar, the ayes will be white in color. But if you add molasses, then the color will turn into brown. Now the choice is yours what you like. Whatever you pour in the milk, whether its sugar or molasses, mix very perfectly that it get melted inside the milk. Now cut the dry fruits into very small pieces but with a very nice shape. ½ of their amount pour into the milk and again shake to mix them very well. After some time, pour the wash rice into the mixed milk. Shake very carefully again and again that it may not get burned. If it burned accidently, then horrible burning smell will comes out from this dish and will made it unable to heat. Wait until the rice gets boiled into the milk. You can also make the dish not so much thick by pouring ½ cup of water. But it will be much tastier, if you try to make it thick. It will increase the taste with a high rate. Add rose water, Kessar and colorful Jafran. A very nice smell would start to come out from the Payees. Check the payees if the rice is well boiled or not. If it’s according to you, then switch the burner of and remove the bowl from it. Payees (An Indian Desert) 2 Serve the Payees in a nice serving dish. You can serve this hot. But it wills much better if you eat by taking it in refrigerator for some while. Many people like deserts by cooling them. Before serving, spread the rest amount of dry fruits on the dish. That will increase the look and taste both.